Reimbursement of the cost of treatment : avoid having to pay your healthcare costs yourself

Do you need care that falls within your basic package? Then you will pay a compulsory deductible and the health insurer will pay all other costs. Do you need care that is not covered by this package? Then you may have to pay part of the bill yourself. This depends on your supplementary insurance.

Do you have a telephone appointment with your doctor or contact about your treatment via MijnOLVG? Then your health insurer can charge these costs. This may have consequences on your deductible. You can read more about this here


There is no reimbursement without a referral letter!

Are you visiting a specialist at the hospital without a referral from your GP, for example? Then the costs will not be paid by your health insurer. The invoice will be sent to you at home, unless we receive the referral letter with the correct date within 2 weeks of the appointment. The date on the referral letter must show a date before or on the day of the first appointment.

Please note: this does not apply to patients who require emergency care.

Why is a referral letter necessary?

Health insurers try to prevent unnecessary use of (more expensive) specialist medical care. This applies to a referral by a:

  • midwife
  • medical specialist
  • general practitioner
  • company doctor
  • dentist (only in the case of mouth or jaw surgery)

Are you being referred by another healthcare provider?

To be on the safe side, contact your health insurer in advance and inquire about the conditions for reimbursement. For example, a dentist may only refer you to a dental surgeon.

Are you already being treated by a medical specialist?

To be on the safe side, contact your health insurer in advance. You can also contact your health insurer for questions about your health insurance policy and the reimbursement amounts.

Want to find out more?

Do you have questions about your payment?

Then contact the Debtors department on +31 (0)20 599 37 46. Available Monday to Friday from 08:00 - 17:30.

Do you have questions about the reimbursement of your treatment?

Then contact your health insurer.