Explanation of your invoice

Healthcare activities

These are the activities that have taken place in the provision of care. From 1 June 2014, they are stated on the invoice from when the treatment process started.

Invoice code

Your invoice has a 6-digit code, the so-called 'declaratiecode' (invoice code).

Hash code

A care product is derived based on a combination of the healthcare activities delivered and the diagnosis provided. A unique code is automatically attached to this, the so-called 'hash code'. All hospitals in the Netherlands use this national system.

Would you like to find out more?

Do you have questions about invoices or payments?

Then please get in touch with the Debtors department on +31 (0)20 599 3746. This department can be reached Monday to Friday from 08:00 - 13:00.

Have you received an invoice but you have a basic insurance policy?

If the treatment is covered by basic insurance, send the invoice back to OLVG quoting your registration number and the name of your health insurer.